"A smile is the first step to hope"


Dr. Margaret Lombe
Her background in social services helps us reach the people in need.

Tina Hanlon
Has been helping children around the world.

Eleni Papadopoulos
Our Chief of Development makes sure we're where people need us.

Yanni Papadopoulos
CFO-Insure we have the resources needed

recent Trips

Our service mission to Zambia in 2015 allowed us to help over 600 men, women, and children. This year our team is growing with the addition of Dr. David Ward and his daughter!


So many ways you can help!

Individual financial support, corporate donation of supplies and equipment. Find out how.

mission & vision

To go where few go.

To help, where help is wanted.

To give a smile, to give hope.

our leadership team

So many times in life we say, "Would't it be nice if we helped", or "Someday I would like to...."

 Well, with the push from a few friends, we started!

A time to start

Our founders