Tina Hanlon

Project Leader for child and orphanage development

Eleni Papadopoulos

The smarts, Head of Clinical Planning and Operations

Hope in Action

Margaret Lombe, PhD

Project Leader to Zambia mission. Head of national & international developement

Meet Our Team in the USA

Find your inner power by helping others

Dr. Pilar  and Dr. Bill 



The team dentists and educators, brought along to serve and care for all of those in need.

Locally, nationally and internationally, ProjectSmileWell is determined to help people smilewell. We travel to every corner of the globe to help children and families in need. We are also willing to provide dental education programs for dental professionals

We will be returning to Zambia! We will be traveling in July 2018 to Lusaka. We will team up with several of our friends who are really doing some great things; 1) Visit Family Legacy orphanage and provide care for their children 2) Visit Riverside Farms in Kafue 3) Provide support and educational seminars in the dental school of Lusaka

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"Everyone should have the right to Smilewell"

Project Smilewell is on a mission to reach out and help the world smile. It takes so little for us to help, "Why not? I ask". With a little effort from a few, we can deliver some smiles to many.




those in need



Mr. Felix Mwanza

​Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others. - Rosa Parks

In Memory of our inspiring friend

  • Zambia-Lusaka
  • Helping the Children
  • Dental Learning Opportunities
  • Dental Clinics for Prevention

Yanni Papadopoulos

Business guy, Chief Financial Officer

Please consider helping us reach out to those in need. Any support can go a long way. Not sure how you can help, contact me any time to discuss ways to help; Dr. Bill Papadopoulos at drbill@projectsmilewell.org. Thank you

"A smile is the first step to hope"